Tantric Flow

Tantric Flow is a highly erotic, deeply relaxing and nurturing massage.

The massage is performed on a heated floor mattress.

The experience of a Tantric Massage can be emotional, blissful, erotic and therapeutic.


It can be many things to many people. Whatever your beliefs, a tantric massage can be deeply moving and highly erotic experience without leading to sex.


However we are dealing with the sexual energy in the body and this is not something to hide away or feel awkward about. It is the most powerful energy in our bodies. 

Indulge in this unique tantric experience which ends with a lingam massage.


Non Touch Version is for those who purely just want to receive the massage without touching back.

I do this version in underwear.

1.0hr - £60

1.5hr - £75

Mutual Touch Version can start with a blindfold undressing (optional). 
I am naked in this version and light touching with your hands is permitted.

1.0hr - £85  
1.5hr - £100