I require a short health questionnaire to be completed in prior to your first appointment, this is to help me ensure the massage is suitable for you. Please disclose any health issues before booking. It’s also your duty to update me on any changes should you return for further appointments.

​You must ensure you have no skin conditions, rashes, cuts or lesions etc. or other contagious ailments including colds/flu.

​If you have a health conditions that prohibits massage such as high or low blood pressure, recent surgery, blood clotting issues etc. Please seek your GP’s advice first. 


Please arrive freshly showered for your appointment. I understand this is not always possible so I do have shower facilities available with prior notice. You are more than welcome to use them for your benefit as well as mine. It’s not pleasant massaging a person who has odour and if I have another client after, I have to air and reheat the room.



Please arrive on time for your appointment and not too early. I don’t have a waiting area. If you’ve booked for a certain time, I’ll be ready at that time and not always 10 mins before. If you arrive early, text me and if I’m able to bring your appointment forward I will. If I don’t respond then please wait until you’re appointment time.

​I understand plans can change so please let me know if you can’t make your appointment. If you’re running late, please update me if it’s safe to do so. Also if you’re running late, I may have to shorten your massage to the original ending time if it clashes with the next client.

If you fail to turn up for an appointment, I only give you one more opportunity to book again if you've responded. Not only is it rude but I may have turned someone else away who wanted that time slot.


I understand some people are conscious about their bodies, everyone is different. If you prefer to keep underwear on, it’s not a problem. Your comfort is important to me.

While we are dealing with sexual energy and close body contact, it’s perfectly natural to become aroused during the massage and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by this, it is part of the experience. 

If you wish to touch me during the massage, I do allow it, if it’s done respectfully. It’s acceptable to orgasm/ejaculate during a genital massage, however I do not offer sex. I’m a massage therapist specialising in naked erotic massage, I’m not an escort.