How I Got into Massage

I remember receiving my first massage and the profound effect it had on my body and mind, the feeling of relaxation & rejuvenation was my inspiration to learn this unique art.


After training as a Swedish massage therapist, I wanted to expand my knowledge and techniques, the next journey was to learn Tantric massage.

After many years of offering Tantric, I am still amazed how some people are moved and effected by it, many find it a powerful and overwhelming  massage experience.​


I will do my utmost to make your massage experience an enjoyable and memorable one for your body, mind and soul.

I am a 41 year old, Caucasian male, professionally trained in massage therapy & specialise in sensual naturist massage. 

As a highly sensitive person, I’m empathetic and considerate to all, irrelevant of sexuality or gender. I believe I am a good listener, have a positive outlook on life, non-judgemental and kind-hearted.

I enjoy keeping myself physically active & I especially love travelling to new and varied places.

About Me



I'm not a traditional naturist but I feel comfortable with discreet naturism and the human body. It's tradition when I go abroad to take at least one naturist photo, no mater what the weather.